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Fork Lift & Industrial Tyres

We are pleased to announce that Barry Shaddick Tyres can now supply a full range of industrial solid tyres to fit most forklift trucks and Industrial vehicles.

We can supply three types of tyre – Budget, Mid-Range and Premium to fit most applications.

These tyres are fitted at your location using a mobile press.

All prices quoted include a site fitting fee and a environmental scrap tyre disposal charge.

For further information contact Alistair Dawes e-mail: [email protected]  tel: 07825 626942

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  1. Tyre Section width
  2. Aspect ratio
  3. Construction (R=radial)
  4. Rim diameter (inches)
  5. Load Index (single tyre)
  6. Load Index (dual mounted)
  7. Speed symbol
  8. Load indices when used at alternative maximum speed
  9. Location of tread wear indicator
  10. Type approval number
  11. Manufacturing date code
  12. DOT manufacturing site code
  13. Supplementary type approval information


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An estimated 42 per cent of truck fleets in the UK operating 51 or more vehicles are still purchasing tyres on a transactional basis and managing them in-house – a process which is likely to be increasing their costs and environmental footprint.

A little-known fact is that one of the greatest advantages of premium tyres over budget alternatives is their ability to achieve the lowest overall driving cost for fleet operators. 

Mileage performance is influenced by many factors outside our control, including vehicle size and weight, static and dynamic weight distribution, the force between the tyre and the pavement, and pressure distribution. Road surface and temperature also play a part. The one factor that we CAN control is the tyre itself.

Although budget tyres may be attractive at first glance due to their lower price point, premium tyres offer far better performance in the long run. Budget tyres may offer only half of the mileage a premium tyre is capable of. Key factors of premium tyres include a stronger construction, optimised pattern designs, advanced filter technology, and the ability to re-tread and regroove.

When it comes to how a premium tyre is manufactured, the constructional materials, chemical composition, elastomeric properties and inflation pressure all have a bearing on cost efficiency and improvements to rolling resistance. Factors such as the volume of rubber mass, and the volume and depth of tread equally play an important role in finely tuning the performance of the tyre.

Enhancements in belt configuration and angles can add more reinforcement in the shoulder to help stabilise and adjust it accordingly. In order to optimise pressure distribution across the tyre, the footprint area must be cleverly designed. If pressure isn’t distributed properly, it will lead to high load concentration and cause irregular wear, eventually ruining the tyre.

Pattern design is fundamental in improving rolling resistance. Groove width, in particular, has seen a lot of change in recent times –  tyres designed 10 years ago were extremely open, whereas the voids have been largely reduced now. This is especially necessary for raised high-performance vehicles with sophisticated suspension and drive trains.

Another benefit of premium tyres over budget alternatives is that they are carefully designed and constructed to allow for regrooving and re-treading. Once a budget tyre is worn out, it has to be entirely scrapped. Premium tyres, on the other hand, can be given another life. Re-treading and regrooving are far more economical options than buying a brand-new tyre and fleet operators will see a significant reduction in their tyre costs. In addition, the process also creates a lower profile thickness, helping to reduce rolling resistance and, with it, fuel consumption.

Speak to one of our team about the type of premium brand that we stock and fit here at Barry Shaddick. Our specialist team can help you choose the right tyres for your vehicles. Speak to one of our branches here.

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This year (2019) we are celebrating our 30th Birthday and we are proud to say that we are still a truly independent family run business with Barry at the helm.

Since 1989 we have risen to be one of the biggest independent suppliers of specialist and commercial vehicle tyres in the South West. We offer a full and varied range of products and services with regard to construction, plant and road transport solutions to suit all requirements and business needs. We are able to supply any brand of tyre to fit any application from the premium branded products to a range of cost-effective economy brands and remould commercial tyres.

Thirty years on we have been able to maintain an excellent service level at competitive prices. Our valued customers know that our service levels with regard to response times and high-quality maintenance are second to none.

Here’s to the next thirty years! 

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